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    Swing This Kettlebell

    Thank you for being interested in Swing This Kettlebell's Online Fundamental Kettlebell Program.

Our Goal

We aim to help everyone who cannot meet us in person receive the best possible kettlebell training advice.

Our fundamental kettlebell skills program is designed to help you become proficient with a kettlebell and build a solid foundation before trying our more advanced moves. Injury prevention is a major concern with us as we want you to enjoy exercise and how it will benefit your life in many ways. We feel exercise isn’t worth doing if it isn’t fun as well!

What's included in our program…

Welcome Guide

A welcome guide with links to purchase kettlebells. If you don’t have one (or several) yet. This guide also includes other reference material links that will help you with kettlebell training.

Workout Sheets

4 pre-made workout spreadsheets on Google Drive (Cloud Based Software) that include links to private and ad free youtube videos demonstrating the exercises in a clear manner.

Automatic Updates

Since the workouts are on the cloud, any updates that are made will be free of charge once you purchase. For example, links may be added, new videos may be added to help you increase your knowledge and understanding.

Planned Monthly

It is planned for one month but you can do several or even use it in conjunction with other training programs. Many others available soon.

Facebook Group

Admission into a Facebook Group Community for people to help each other that are using the program. Swing This Kettlebell trainers will moderate.

Study guide videos

Workout Frequency Planner

FAQ area

This link will show you how easy it actually is!

Current Price


Limited to only 50 people per month. We open sales on the first of the month until the 15th. After that date you will have to wait until the next month to start working with us. We limit this so we can get the best answers to those working with us.

We can send you a PayPal invoice and once we receive payment we will send you access to the Google Drive folder. Please respond with confirmation and we will send the invoice to the email address you provide.

Payment processing through the site is coming soon!